About the tours

If you plan to visit Normandy, the best place to stay would be Bayeux. This small town is centrally based in the Calvados area, just about 10 miles from the coast. The town is mainly known for its 11th century cathedral and the famous Bayeux tapestry. The town also posses a wide variety of hotels and restaurants.

Do not forget that the landing beaches are spread out along 60 miles of coastline from end to end and as Bayeux is situated on the main railway line and highway between Paris and Cherbourg, you would be very centrally located here to visit most of the sites. It is a largely rural area with a very narrow road system. A look at a map of Normandy can lead you to think everything is close by but there will be always some driving between the different sites.

For the start of your tour you can be met at your hotel if it is located within a range of 10 miles of Bayeux or at the train station in Bayeux itself.

Prices 2019

Full day tours generally start at 9 am and run until about 5 pm. Your program will be discussed prior to your tour but please let us know before coming if there are specific places that you would like to visit on your tour so that your specific wishes can be accommodated. The price for a full day tour starts from 550 Euros. (without vehicle 370 euros)

Half-day tours last 4 hours and cost 370 Euros for a tour in our vehicle. ( without vehicle 270 euros)

Tours from cruise ships arriving in Cherbourg or Le Havre start from 700 Euros per day.

These prices include the guide and vehicle with extras being your entry fees for museums. The guide’s museum entrance is free. All tours are payable on the day, in cash, please or pre-payable up to ten days before the tour by wire transfer. We do not accept credit cards.

Be prepared

Please make sure you have good footwear with you and also some rain clothes. Normandy’s weather is known to be unpredictable. It can be sunny and warm one minute and pouring rain half an hour later. Umbrellas are not particularly practical as it is generally very windy on the coast when the weather is bad and after rain some sites can also be muddy and very slippery.

However, during the summer it can be also very nice and sunny so a bottle of sunscreen could be useful too.

Also, please make sure you have a extra memory cards and some spare batteries for your camera – there are very few shops that sell these things outside the major towns along the tour routes and when you can be lucky enough to find them they are often excessively expensive.

Please make also sure you have a valid travel insurance. We do have the necessary papers and policies concerning the transport of our clients but each client is responsible for his individual travel insurance. Seat belts must be worn by law by all passengers in every vehicle in motion!

Concerning D-Day tours : If you are not the history buff yourself, watching the old black and white movie « The Longest Day » will give you a good general overview of the D-Day Landings. Also, if you get a chance, have a look at episodes 2 and 3 of the HBO series « Band of brothers » and « Saving Private Ryan ». Then you will have a good point to start from.

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