Claude Monet rented a house in this tiny village based on a glancing look he got from a passing train he was on. But convinced he was in a place he loved he stayed and by 1890 had earned enough money to buy the house he had rented. He said himself that if he had never been a painter he would have been a gardener and this is wonderfully illustrated in the marvellous garden and pond he made. He also built a Japanese bridge across the pond that would later become world famous in the several paintings he made of it. Monet lived here with his large family from 1883 until his death in 1926. He and few other members of his family are buried in the local cemetery.

To Visit Today
Monet’s house and garden which are open from April to October
Museum of Impressionist Artists

Located only 45 miles from Paris this is an ideal stop on the way out to Normandy.